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Office Space Rental Company in Austin, Tx

Austin Tenant Advisors specializes in helping you find Austin office space for lease that’s within your ideal location, size, & budget.  We are here to help you understand your current and future needs, search for and identify the perfect properties, & negotiate the lowest rental rates & best terms possible.

If you would like us to help you find the perfect office call 512-861-0525 or fill out our form to get started.  You can also learn about office space leasing on our blog.

Whether you are a startup, small business, or a large existing business we can help.  Our company has over 11 years of experience in locating commercial properties, negotiating lease renewals & expansions, subleasing, and purchasing condos & buildings for sale in the Austin, Texas metro area.

Online listings are typically inaccurate & outdated which means you’ll waste a ton of time calling on buildings that don’t have the right size, no longer available, or not a good fit for your company.

We pay to have full access to all online commercial real estate office listings and we call all of the building owners, landlords, and commercial listing agents to confirm that what they have listed is available.  So if something is or will be available we will know about it first.

Our search services do not cost you anything and you will save time and money.  We represent your best interests and ensure that you are involved, informed, & well represented at all times.

When Should You Start Your Search?

One of the most frequent questions we get is: “When is the best time to start my office space search?”  

It really depends on a number of factors such as the size & availability & condition of the space, market conditions, construction process and timelines in your city, availability of contractors, etc.

You also need to understand that the process of finding, negotiating, and building out an office takes time if you want to have a stress free experience.

These timelines are not set in stone as the process and factors are all variable.  However in general you should estimate the following timelines:

  • 4-6 months if less than 10,000 sf
  • 6-12 months if more than 10,000 sf

So if you determine that it will take 6 months to find, rent, and prepare a space, then you need to start your search 6 months before your ideal move in date.  Keep in mind that it is possible to move earlier however all the factors listed above have to align perfectly.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Another question we often get is: “How much office space do I need?”

More often than not small businesses and startups think they need more than they really do.  Your ideal size depends on several things:  type of business, whether you will have an open or hard-walled layout, employee amenities, building parking ratios, your future needs, etc.

In general most companies only need 125 to 175 sf per usable sf per person.  These numbers vary based on any special needs such as extra large offices or conference rooms, however will work find with general office use.

We also have an office space calculator that can help give you square footage estimates also.

Where Can I Find the Most Affordable Locations?

If you are looking for value office space Austin then you’ll want to focus on the Northeast, North Central, South, and Southeast areas.  There will find the lowest lease rates in Travis County.  You can also consider flex space which are single story buildings with windows on the front that are typically in industrial business parks.

Should I Lease or Purchase?

We get this question a lot and it really depends on your existing business situation.  If you are a new small business then it might make more sense to rent to give your company a little time to generate some revenue.  If you are an existing business and do not plan on needing more space or hiring a bunch of people in the next 10 years then buying might make sense.  In most cases after a consultation our clients end up leasing, however if it makes business sense and you would like to look at condos for sale in Austin, Tx or other types of buildings then we can help you do that.  If you not sure what to do feel free to give us a call to discuss.  We can create a lease / purchase analysis on any of your favorite properties to determine what makes sense for your business.

business rental spaceFull Access to All Online Listings

We pay for FULL access to the most widely used commercial listing databases (e.g. Costar, Xceligent, Loopnet, etc).  In addition we keep our own data base of available buildings for rent and have relationships with all of the property owners, landlords, and landlord representatives in town.  What that means is you will know what is available, at what price, at any given time, even before they hit the market!

Other websites just show you a bunch of outdated office space listings that may or may not be available.  We actually do the research to ensure you have up to date real time information on available rentals, comparable lease rates, and the kind of deals you can expect in any given market condition.  To get started give us a call at 512-861-0525.

Level the Playing Field – Listing Agents Represent Landlords

Landlord’s hire experienced commercial listing agents to help them negotiate AGAINST you.  Yes they are friendly and helpful however their fiduciary duty (obligation) is to the landlord so don’t think for one minute they have your best interests in mind.  They will tell you all about the property, amenities, and what’s available, however they will not tell you insider information like whether or not the landlord will take a lower offer or give you rent or tenant improvement concessions.  Negotiating leases and contracts can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don’t know the ropes.  By having us represent you in the search and negotiation we can level the playing field.  We do this every day so we have the experience, tools, and resources needed to ensure that you get the best rates, terms, and conditions possible.

Leverage Our Experience

We have helped over 300 companies find & negotiate business rental space in Travis County and surrounding areas.  Our clients have ranged from software & technology companies, doctors & dentists, attorneys & lawyers, franchises, non-profits, sales & marketing, engineering, mortgage companies, staffing firms, consultants, and many more.   Our local expertise can help you QUICKLY find the right business rental.  Whether your company is large, small, new or existing – we have the time, experience, and resources it takes to help you search for and find the best office properties and help you negotiate the lowest lease rates and best terms possible.

office search is freeOur Service Cost You Nothing

Regardless of whether you have tenant representation or not full commissions are still being paid by the landlord to their listing agent. Landlord’s don’t have special lease rates for those who decide to represent themselves.  We wish that were the case however it’s not, so there is really no reason why you would want to do all of this work on your own. Having us help you find small business space for rent does not have a negative impact on the deal you get. In fact we can help you do better.

We Only Represent Tenants & Buyers

Some brokerage firms represent both landlords and tenants. In some cases that’s fine, however in most cases it can be a conflict of interest. Suppose you hire an agent (tenant representative) to help you. The building you end up liking the best is being listed by the same company that your agent works for.  So during negotiations you and your agent are negotiating against the listing agent who sits next to your agent at the same company. Seem Weird?  We do not represent landlords or building owners, nor do we have our own listings.  We only represent tenants and buyers who are looking to lease or purchase office space.

how to find office space for rentSave Time By Having Us Work For You

Why spend your own time driving around calling on “For Lease” signs only to find out that nothing is available?  Also online listings are almost always outdated and/or inaccurate.  Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.  We will do all the driving around and talking to listing agents to confirm info on available commercial office real estate for rent.  You don’t have to spend a minute of your time doing the preliminary searching.

Ready to Get Started?

Just give us a call at 512-861-0525 or fill out our search request form with your ideal criteria. Then just sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting.

  • If we need additional info about your needs we will give you a call to find out more about your business, ideal location, & ideal office layout (e.g. reception, number of rooms, break area or kitchen, conference room or other meeting rooms, open areas, etc).
  • We will research every building for rent or sale in your ideal location by calling landlords, agents, & building owners, searching our online data bases, and driving around to identify options that may not be publicly listed.
  • We will then create a map over view and a list of only those options that meet your size, layout, and budget. Photos, floorplans, and asking lease rates will be included. All of this information will be emailed to you in PDF format.
  • We will review all of the options with you and create a short list of the best alternatives.
  • We will call all of the landlords to schedule times to tour each location with you.
  • After touring each business space for lease we will help you determine the top 3 spaces and draft proposals to be presented to the landlords
  • After that we facilitate lease contract negotiations, help coordinate vendors, contractors, move in, etc.

Not Ready Yet But Planning for the Future?

Not ready to rent business space now but planning for a future move?  Call or email us to discuss. We would be happy to provide you any free market information to help you plan for a future need.  Also take a look at the average lease rates for office space in Austin, Tx, the most recent inventory of office space listings, and office space tools and calculators.  Additionally our blog has a ton of information about space planning & design, terminology, and negotiations.

Do You Have Other Commercial Real Estate Needs in Austin?

We also specialize in helping companies with other types of business space for rent such as warehouse, retail, medical and other commercial real estate properties

building class system definitionCommercial Office Building Classification Definitions

There is over 80 million sf of Austin Texas office space, and they come in various sizes, prices, and building classifications.  Some are old converted houses, some are lower cost value options in the Northeast area, and others are modern office space properties in Downtown such as the Frost Bank Tower.  The determination of Classes can be subjective depending on the marketplace or the landlord/broker listing a particular property, however the basic rules of thumb are as follows:

Traditional Offices: Typically are multistory buildings with multiple tenants in different industries. Lobbies, hallways, & bathrooms are common to all tenants in the building. In most cases landlords take care of all the maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.  Whether you want to lease in the downtown area or in the suburbs we can help find just what you need.  The property definitions vary:

Class C Definition: Class C buildings will generally have lower quality fit and finish to the internal and external decorations and furnishings. The design of such buildings will be basic and will typically demand the lowest rental charges. Such buildings are older than class A or B and lack functionality and modern technology, as well as located in less desirable locations.

Class B Definition: These properties boast some but not all of the same features as Class A, although they generally come at a lower rental rate. The buildings are typically a little older than Class A buildings but well maintained, and have fewer high end finishes and amenities

Class A Definition: Are typically the nicest & newest of all the buildings.  They have the best looking finishes and more modern upgrades and technology features both inside and out. Such buildings will have the highest rental rates and include onsite amenities like covered parking, delis, fitness centers, and state-of-the-art technology and communications offerings.

Flexible Space: Tend to be one-story, concrete tilt-wall buildings with windows on one side. They provide use flexibility between office, retail, light manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse, etc. Users will generally have their own exterior entrance, private restrooms, and sometimes overhead doors. Lease rates are typically lower than traditional office rates.

Executive Suites: If you need short term and/or temporary, executive suites might be the way to go.  They tend to be more expensive than however they are great for those who need month to month terms.

Virtual Offices: If you don’t need a physical presence however would like to have a corporate address and/or have a receptionist answer your phones, virtual space might be the solution for you.

Whether you are looking for small office space for rent, a large traditional office or retail space We can help you find and negotiate the most appropriate commercial real estate for lease to fit your means.