Austin Tenant Representation

We will assist you to find and to lease the perfect commercial office space in Austin, Tx.  Whether you need retail, office, or warehouse space, we can help you to save money and time, and to limit your risks and liabilities.  Austin Tenant Advisors focus on assisting tenants in finding appropriate available commercial space, as well as assisting them with research and analyzing their best options.  We also assist with negotiating their leases as well as their renewals.

Who can benefit from Tenant Representation?

  • Any business decision maker, company, or business owner who wants to buy or lease an office, industrial, or retail space.
  • Startups that need to rent space for their business and are leasing space for the first time.
  • Existing companies that want to expand or renew their current lease
  • Companies who would like assistance with negotiations on their commercial lease renewal
  • Companies that lack the time and resources to secure space on their own, or cannot go through a proper lease process to ensure that they are given the best deal possible.
  • Companies that require assistance with buying commercial real estate properties

Austin Tenant Representative
Austin Tenant Advisors can assist you in finding the perfect Austin office space for your unique needs.  During the complete leasing process we will assist you and act as your very own team of real estate experts; from site selection, to lease negotiations, and all the way to occupancy. We will successfully identify and secure the perfect location for your business and aim to reduce your overall expenses so that we can help you to boost profits. Our services might be free of charge to you, but their value speaks for itself. We will help you to reduce your liabilities and risks and this will allow you to spend your energy on your own business. By choosing Austin Tenant Advisors, you know that your business and your interests are well taken care of and that the best terms are negotiated for you.

You do not have to pay anything to use our services. We divide the commission to the listing agent; so why can’t we put some of these funds towards helping you? We serve as your own personal realtors but we do not charge you for this. Leasing a commercial space for your business is one of the most expensive business decisions that you will have to make, so our expertise can help you in making sure that you have chosen the best possible option.


Austin Tenant Advisors Reviewed by Scott Strzinek, Senior Director of Operations, The Advisory Board Company on Sept 01 : We had a growing satellite office that needed to move. I was totally unfamiliar with the Austin market, so I needed help. I gave Nathan my basic requirements and he narrowed the options down to about 6 properties. All fit the criteria, but he saved the best for last. He knew what I wanted but made sure that I saw all the alternatives so I would feel great about my decision. He guided me through the terms and got us an amazing deal. I thought our relationship ended at the lease signing, but Nathan insisted on working with me through the move. He found me quality movers, data cabling companies, and cleaning crews. I would have simply thrown a dart at a board (and probably missed) without Nathan’s guidance. He knew what I wanted, knew what I needed and made sure that it all got done. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to represent me.‎ Rating:5