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medical office space austin txAustin Tenant Advisors can help you find Austin Medical Office Space for lease / rent or sale. We are local experts who know the Medical Office and Dental office space market well, and will represent your best interests to find you the most appropriate space and ensure you get the lowest lease or purchase rates and best terms possible.

The difference between general office and medical office space in Austin might be minimal, but it is no less critical. Health-care professionals demand special space that meets unique needs. Austin Tenant Advisors helps you navigate the Austin medical office market by utilizing its local market expertise to find the best space. From analyzing an existing lease to handling lease negotiation on a new space, our insight and market contacts pave the way for a smooth transaction.

In addition to the typical concerns involved in finding office space, the health-care professional should closely examine key items prior to signing a new lease. Issues like exclusivity and build-out are integral to the success of any health-care practice. There are many considerations that should be scrutinized. A few of those are as follows:

  • Push for exclusivity. While it’s not always an option – especially in larger office buildings – many health-care professionals can and should ask a landlord for exclusivity during negotiations. In turn, a landlord cannot lease nearby space to a rival health-care practice within the same specialty during the lease term.
  • Prioritize additional build-out allowance. Build-out expenses for medical offices typically run higher than those for general office use. Since the improvements would stay in place even after you exit a lease, it is beneficial to argue for a larger tenant build-out allowance.
  • Don’t just look at rent. Options, lease length, maintenance fees, and repair responsibilities are just some of the concerns that should be negotiated.
  • Make sure the space fits your need. Many health-care professionals fall into the trap of leasing a space that doesn’t match their customer needs (i.e. inadequate waiting room space). Your layout should be functional both for the practice and its patients.
  • Study your location needs. Proximity to patient base, hospitals, other doctors, and highway access; as well as building visibility, parking and relationships with neighboring practices all have an important role to play in the future welfare of your business.

These are just a few of the concerns that medical practitioners should consider when leasing office space. For additional information feel free to contact us.

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Austin Tenant Advisors Reviewed by Dr. Brent Rigby, DDS, MS on Jul 15 : Great Service! The service I was given by Nathan was top notch. He always came thru when needed, gave great advice, and was very personable. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for medical office space. Probably the best thing I took away from the experience was feeling like someone was looking out for my best interest, besides myself. Rating:5