disinfect office space

How to Disinfect an Office Space

With the rise of new viruses companies must be proactive in order to keep their employees safe and their commercial office spaces clean. Enhances in technology will allow more people to work from home, however companies will still want to lease office space. People still have a desire to socialize, and while working 100% remote

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lease brokerage office building

What is a Commercial Leasing Brokerage?

In commercial real estate when you hear the term “leasing brokerage” it typically refers to a commercial real estate company that represents building owners in the lease and sale of commercial properties. You may also have heard them referred to as landlord representatives, listing broker, listing agent, landlord brokers, landlord reps, leasing brokers, etc. Their

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commercial lease commencement date

What is the Commercial Lease Commencement Date?

The lease commencement date in a commercial lease typically refers to the start date of the lease term. It's worth noting that the lease commencement date is not always the date the Tenant begins paying rent as rent abatement or early occupancy may have been negotiated. Commercial lease commencement dates will be written differently in

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COVID-19 impact on office space rentals

How Will COVID-19 Impact Office Space Rentals and Usage?

There are a lot of opinions about how people will use office space post COVID-19. At the end of the day this is uncharted territory for us all. Nobody really knows how companies will use office space after all of this dies down, however they are entitled to their own opinions. Below are some guesses

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force majeure commercial leases

Force Majeure In Commercial Leases

Commercial lease contracts have a ton of clauses that can be confusing for tenants. You can't negotiate every contract the same way because tenants have different needs and negotiating leverage maybe stronger or weaker depending on the size and financial strength of the company. In most cases many of the lease clauses will never have

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823 Congress Av Office Building

823 Congress Ave Austin Tx 78701 – Office Space Rental Guide

823 Congress Ave is a high rise office building located at the Southeast corner of the intersection of North Congress Ave and East 9th St. It's just 2 blocks from the Texas State Capital and 3 blocks from the historic district of 6th street and entertainment district. The entrance to the building is on E

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