28 Startup Skills Entrepreneurs Should Consider Learning

Starting a business is not easy, however almost anyone can do it with a lot hard work and education.  Now I don’t just mean college education.  College is important however there are a lot of entrepreneurial skills that are not typically covered the traditional way that you must seek on your own or through others with experience.

Sujan Patel, CEO of San Francisco-based Single Grain has listed 28 startup skills that you must have or learn to increase your chances of entrepreneurial success:

  • Learn to how live off little to no money – You will not always be guaranteed money from venture capitalists so it’s important that you spend wisely and bootstrap your expenses.
  • Take time to relieve stress – Whether you workout or play the guitar find something to do that you enjoy that will allow you to unplug from the working world.

You can check out the remaining list of skills here

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