3 Ways to Maximize Industrial Space Utilization

warehouse space utilizationFor the most part industrial space is pretty straightforward as it’s typically in a square or rectangular shape and provides plenty of space on a square foot or cubic foot basis.  While it maybe less expensive than renting office space it’s still important to maximize your utilization.  Below are 4 ways you can do this.

Create Mezzanine Space

Industrial properties typically have high ceilings ranging from 25 feet to 38 feet.  The higher the ceiling height the more you can store vertically with the right racking system in place.  However higher ceilings can also mean more areas that are not fully utilized as not every inch of the warehouse can have floor to ceiling racks.  You might need some office space.

Consider creating a mezzanine which is basically constructing a ceiling and then building on top of it.  An example would be to build office space over the break area and restrooms.  Another idea would be to put the return process department over the shipping area.  Creating a mezzanine might cost a little upfront however is one of the best ways to maximize industrial space.

Make Aisles More Narrow

Aisles need to only be wide enough to maneuver your equipment around both loaded and unloaded.   Forklifts have gotten smaller over the years.  Every inch of floor space can add up to additional rows of racks so think about making your aisles smaller.

Randomly Store Products

Most items are stored in set places in the warehouse probably by type of product.  This can make managing a warehouse easier however it can also lead to inefficient use of space causing a checkerboard of empty and filled spaces.  This can decrease your utilization rate.  With the right warehouse management software and RFID tags for products and pallets you will be able to find products much easier no matter where they are.  This would allow you to randomly store products into any available space and maximize your utilization of space.


If you have any questions about maximizing your industrial space feel free to give us a call.

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