5 Amenities to Look For When Renting Office Space

amenities when rent office spaceWhen it comes to renting office space a 6×6 cubicle and free water won’t cut it anymore.  Employees spend a lot of time away from home & their families to work in your office so it’s important to consider other amenities that encourage them to be happier and productive.

Below is a list of a few amenities that you might consider.  Don’t think you have to have all of them however the more you have the merrier.

Fitness Rooms

When your employees are fit they are happier and more productive.  Renting office space in a building that has a fitness center makes it easier for them to get their workout in.  As an employer you benefit as well.  The healthier your employees are the less absenteeism you will have and your insurance premiums may go down.  Having showers and changing rooms also makes it more convenient for them to get cleaned up after working out without having to go home.

Outdoor Space

With wireless technology your employees are capable of working anywhere.  We all know that natural light is the best when it comes to encouraging employee wellness and productivity.  Look for office space that offers outdoor amenities.  It’s nice to be able to walk outside and get some fresh air and still be able to work at the same time.

Nice Kitchen or Break Areas

Create a cool break area or kitchen area that offers free snacks and drinks.  It will help your employees save money while also saving time.  It will reduce the number of employees that leave the office to buy a snack.  You can also make the break areas cool places to meet, get a snack, and work at the same time.

Lot’s of Glass Walls

Everyone likes natural light.  Glass walls cost a little more however you will reap the benefits.  Having interior glass will make your space feel much more open while also letting in a ton of natural light which everyone will love.  Glass walls give you the best of both worlds.  You can create more interior offices while at the same time giving everyone access to natural light.

Transportation Alternatives

Most of your employees will probably continue to drive to work however there are those that like to bike & run.  So having a place to store their bike would be nice.  Being near bus stops railway, or subway also makes it easier to get to and from work.  And you never know….. if your office is located near more transportation options you might find that more employees decide not to drive their own cars.  The less time they have to spend commuting the faster they can get to work and be ready to start producing revenue.

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