5 Factors in Choosing Commercial Space for Rent in Austin Tx

commercial space for rent austin txWhen choosing commercial space for rent Austin Tx you must find a space that not only works for your customers and vendors, but more importantly for your employees. Choosing the wrong location could potentially cost you thousands in lost productivity. Below are 5 location drivers that could have an impact on employee productivity & retainment that you should consider when renting office space in Austin.

Keep Employee Commutes at a Minimum

Austin traffic is getting worse (some areas are worse than others) so it’s important that you take a look at where your existing employees live and try to find an office building that is most convenient for all. Time spending commuting is time away from their families. They will be much more happier and productive if they don’t have to spend hours in the car driving to and from work. When choosing between office buildings consider having you and your employees drive to and from the offices in the morning and evening to investigate traffic patterns. Afterward compare notes and use this data as part of your selection criteria

Close to Amenities

Find locations that are surrounded by amenities (shopping, restaurants, dr. offices, ect). By having these types of amenities close by your employees will have an easier time managing their lives and will spend less time out of the office. Some great areas around Austin are the Domain, Arboretum, Downtown, etc. I’m sure you would rather them take care of their personal matters during a lunch break then having to take half the day off.

austin tx commercial space for rentClose to Vendors & Clients

If your employees (e.g. marketing or sales) spend a lot of time out in the field with clients or vendors make sure to map out their locations and find an Austin office that is somewhat central to them. The less time they have to spend driving around the more work they can get done.

Choose Buildings and Spaces With Good Natural Light

Having natural light is more than just a bunch of windows in the office. Have your site selection team map out the sun angles of each building to see which ones provide the most light for your space. It’s a known fact the natural light makes workers happier, more alert, and productive. It also can reduce absenteeism. In Austin buildings that are exposed to the southern sun with unobstructed views of the sky will provide more light.

Choose Austin Office Space that is Contiguous

Choose space that keeps all your employees together. Leasing commercial space in an Austin campus style setting with small buildings might require your employees to walk between buildings in the heat, cold, or rain. A downtown building with small floor plates might mean your employees spend a lot of time in elevators going back and forth between departments. Ideally find an office building in Austin that has space that will accommodate your current and future needs and keep all your employees in one place.

These are just a few factors to consider when choosing your next office space. At the end of the day it’s important that you consider your employees during the site selection process. You won’t be able to accommodate them all however by choosing an Austin office location that enables them to manage their lives you will essentially reduce potential absenteeism, the loss of good employees, and increase productivity. If you need help finding commercial space for rent Austin Tx feel free to give us a call at 512-861-0525.

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