5 Trends Driving Medical Office Space

For decades to come medical office space will be in high demand according to Duke Realty, an investor and medical office building builder.  Doctors have always been considered valuable tenants because they sign long leases, don’t move often, and are typically less risky tenants than your average commercial office tenant.  Now as new legislative reforms are passed such as the Affordable Care Act that requires most U.S. citizens to have health insurance the demand for medical office space is expected to continue.  Duke Realty goes on to list 5 trends driving medical office space:

  1. More high acuity services moving out of hospitals and into office space settings
  2. The development of freestanding emergency service centers
  3. More collaboration and partnerships between hospitals, doctors, and healthcare processes
  4. Vacant big box retail sites being repurposed for medical office space use
  5. Hospitals sell medical office real estate to generate funds for other healthcare needs.

Read the full story here:  http://www.amednews.com/article/20130218/business/130219945/2/

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