7 Must Haves When Leasing Office Space These Days

7 Must Haves When Leasing Office Space These DaysThese days companies have a lot to consider when leasing office space.  Competition for employees, amenities, technology needs, etc all must be considered when deciding which office building to lease.  Once you have determined your current and future size needs below are a few things that you must have to ensure your company is successful and your employees are happy.

EXPANSION OPTIONS – The goal of opening a business is that it will grow so Ideally you want to be in a building that can accommodate your current and future space needs.  Having rights to spaces that are adjacent or close to your existing space makes it easier to add headcount later on.

GREAT PARKING – The more parking you can get the better.  Most companies now are leasing space at about 175 sf per person.  What that means is you are putting more people into a space than ever before, thus the need for more parking.  Most parking ratios in Austin are 2 to 3 parking spaces per 1000 sf.  If you can negotiate more parking spaces that will allow you to maximize the office space and save money.

CLOSE TO AMENITIES – Having close amenities means your employees will spend less time running errands and more time working.  Being close to amenities such as cleaners, restaurants, fitness clubs, etc make it more convenient for your employees.  It also encourages more socialization outside the office.

LOW COMMUTE TIMES – The closer you can have an office to where the majority of your employees live the less time they will spend commuting to and from work.  This gives them more time for personal time as well as encourages more productivity at work.  Having an office that is easy and fast to will make your employees happier.

2ND GENERATION OFFICE LAYOUTS – In Austin landlords are not giving a whole lot in tenant improvement allowances these days and what they do give does not typically cover the entire cost of a new buildout.  If you can find a space that is as close to what you need as possible and you will save money.

NATURAL LIGHTING – Having lots of windows and natural lighting will make your space feel bigger and encourage your employees to be more productive and healthy.

FAST TECHNOLOGY – Technology will continue to increase our needs for bandwidth.  Video conferencing and other technologies use a lot of bandwidth so make sure you find out what type of technology the buildings offer BEFORE signing anything.  Ideally you want a building with a fiber optic connection.  Gaming companies and software companies need a lot of bandwidth.

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