8 Ways Your Commercial Real Estate Advisor Can Help You

Business AdvisorAre you a small business owner or been tasked with the responsibility of helping to relocate your company’s office? If so, you’ve got a huge job on your hands.

Most people don’t realize the details that have to be considered when looking for Austin office space. If you’re like most people, whether you own your own business or work for a company, you’re already doing more than one job. Do you manage the accounting, staffing and HR, managing employees, IT, marketing, etc? If so, you’re probably wondering how the heck you are going to find the time to manage finding a new office space for your company.

The first step is to find a commercial real estate agent that you trust.

The right commercial real estate agent can help you find connections that will make your life so much easier.

They’ll connect you with the best vendors to make your office move a breeze and reduce unnecessary headaches for you.

8 ways that your commercial real estate agent can help you through this extensive and tedious process and become a trusted advisor to you and your business:

1. Office Search and Relocation – Your commercial real estate agent will research available spaces and find the perfect fit for your business. They’ll also handle the lease negotiation and review process so you don’t have to learn and know the commercial real estate jargon.

2. Financial – If you need help getting a business loan to start the business of your dreams, your commercial real estate agent has relationships with banks and can help you find a lender that specialized in small or medium business loans.

3. Architecture & Space Planning – Not sure how to design your space? A professional space planner can meet with you to discuss your needs and help design your space to work great for your employees. Your agent will have has great relationships with architects and space planners that specialize in commercial real estate.

4. Legal – Commercial real estate leases can get pretty complex and sometimes it’s best to involve a real estate lawyer to review your lease. Your agent can help involve a lawyer that he trusts and will help represent your best interests.

5. IT Solutions – Does the thought of finding a trusted IT firm make your head spin? Your agent will know the best IT companies to support your needs when it comes to phone, internet, cable, etc.

6. Furniture Design – Purchasing or leasing office furniture can be a big expenditure. Make sure you discuss your needs with your commercial real estate agent to help choose the best furniture for your space.

7. Movers – Need movers that are bonded and insured to help move to your new office space? Your commercial real estate agent can give you guidance to find one that you trust with your valuable business assets.

8. Insurance – Wondering whether you need extra insurance for the business? Or possibly need renters insurance for your leased space? Or, you might want to discuss your health insurance and 401K insurance options for your employees. A good commercial real estate agent has access to local insurance brokers that have details on all of the insurance needs you have for your business.

Starting a business or moving an existing business takes a lot of work. However, finding a great commercial real estate agent that has trusted relationships with vendors can help you.

They’ll make important introductions to all the right people—saving you tons of time so you can focus on what’s most important—your business.

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