9 Office Space Culture Trends for 2014

Camaraderie and unity between the employees are what makes a company successful and resilient. To achieve such success, communication should always be open through improved environment and spatial office space design. Here are some cultural office trends to anticipate in the coming New Year.

  • Bond between colleagues will strengthen when they work together outside the company. Volunteering to community-based work is a good example for this.
  • Companies will soon realize the importance of green and earth friendly advocacies. Implement the use of natural and eco-friendly stuffs within the company and see how it will yield a good result.
  • Avoid too much exposure to digital equipment’s and have a little break from such fatigue.
  • Giving importance to values and culture should be a core competency of the company.
  • Remove those cubicles which hinder thorough communication. Remodel work offices to open spaces to encourage positive interaction between the employees.
  • Board rooms should also be designed in a more welcoming and open area for everyone to remove the stiffness around.
  • Require that all departments (finance, etc.) attend creative focused meetings to produce the freshest ideas.
  • Creating brand image for everyone is the same with preserving culture, it should be observed carefully.
  • Lastly, always make sure that each employee are properly nourished for them to be effective in their work.

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