9 Tips For Maximizing Small Office Space

Today more and more companies are designing their office space in a way that allows them to use the entire office more efficiently rather than have wasted unusable space.  They are reducing the size of their offices, and creating open layouts that are more efficient, collaborative, and useful.  Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your small office space.

1.  Make your common areas usable – You may have some common office areas that don’t have much use or that might seem like wasted space.  Get creative and think about how you can turn those into collaborative meeting or break areas.  Install some whiteboard walls or tables.  One company I know of installed whiteboard walls in the elevator!  Now that is creative thinking!

2.  Use Less Paper – By storing your documents digitally you can reduce your paper needs which in turn will decrease your need for filing cabinets and other storage areas.

3.  Stand up for your meetings – Conference rooms can sometimes go unused for long periods of time, which seems wasteful.  Rather than wasting space on conference rooms or sit down meeting rooms have meetings in which everyone has to stand up!  This is another way to use some of those querky unusable spaces.

4.  Keep clutter to a minimum – This one speaks for itself.  Keep your desk and office spaces clear of uneeded clutter.

5.  Get rid of big clunky furniture and desks – You do most of everything on your laptop computer these days so get rid of the big ole desks and replace them with smaller ones

6.  Install lots of light – Get rid of the boring looking traditional lights and opt instead for track lighting or recessed LED lights.  They might cost a little more however they will brighten up the room better and not cast shadows.

7.  Research design ideas – There are a lot of great office space design ideas out there.  Before leasing space do some research and get some good ideas.

8.  Go Vertical – Make use of your wall space or other vertical areas.  There are lots of great ideas for using vertical space such as shelving, file pockets, wall hooks, etc that can free up desktop surface space.

9.  Monitors and Cables – Consider replacing all your old bulky monitors with flat panels and put them on adustable arms so you can move out of the way when needed.  This will free up your desk work space as well.  Also, label and bind your cables so they look nice and organized.

 Don’t let your small office space make you feel cramped!  There are lots of ways for you to get the most bang for your buck!


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