Advisory Board Company’s Office Space Design is Turning Heads

In a recent post I shared some amazing photos of The Advisory Board Company’s new office space in Austin, Tx.  Their Austin office continues to set the trend not only for the company but for other companies nationwide!  Located at 12357 Riata Trace Parkway in Riata Corporate Park, the Advisory Board Company (ABC) has recently moved into their new expansion space.

With up to 350 employees and counting the Advisory Board Company hands down has one of the best looking offices anyone has seen.  And because of that they have been featured in several publications including Interior Design Magazine.  If you want to get your employees excited about coming to work and make hiring new recruits a piece of cake, consider taking a page out of ABC’s book!  Take a look for yourself!

Reception Area

Their Reception area was completely redesigned and is the first thing you see when you walk in the building.  It’s a high traffic area and the team wanted to make it a showcase.  It’s been easier for them to recruit talent as the moment they walk in the door they feel the energy and vibe, which makes them WANT to work here.

Advisory Board Reception

Staircase to 2nd floor

Office Space Directory

This was created to make it easy for employees, guests, and clients to easily navigate throughout the 90,000 sf they occupy.  Color coded and labeled so even the most directionally challenged person can find they destination 🙂

office space directory

 Neighborhood Meeting Rooms

Their open spaces are created based on employee job functions and teams.  Each one has been given a name of a Texas county.  And because the hallways were designed to be on the perimeter of the space every employee has a window view and lots of natural light!


 Casual meeting rooms

Tired of working at your desk?  They have these casual meeting rooms all throughout their office

Casual Meeting Rooms

casual conference room

Office Game Room and Break Area

Ping Pong Anyone?  They have a very cool break area and game room for employees to socialize…….and work if they want to 🙂

Office Game Room

Game room lounge area

 Coffee and Drink Bar

Who needs to go to Starbucks?  You have all you need right here!

Coffee Drink Bar

 Treadmill Desk

Tired of sitting?  Take a stroll on this bad boy and burn a few calories while you work!

Treadmill office desk

 Temporary Office Desks (hot desking)

This is the best hot desks I have seen!  Hot Desk in style.  Not a bad view huh?

Hot desking with a view



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