Austin Commercial Real Estate Agent Reviews

austin commercial real estate agent reviewsIf you are looking to hire an experienced Austin commercial real estate a good place to start would be checking a few online reviews to learn more about other peoples experiences in working with them.

Yelp.com is a great site to help people find local businesses and service providers such as mechanics, dentists, and hair stylists. It’s also a great place to search for Austin commercial real estate agents.  There you can learn a lot about the agents by reading the reviews that their clients have left for them. If they don’t have any reviews I would reconsider using them. However just because they have a lot of 5 star reviews does not mean they offer 5 star service at that time or that they are experienced in what you are looking to lease or purchase. Take things a step further and actually call a few of them. Make sure they have experience with your commercial real estate needs AND that they have the time to assist you. Some agents are just entirely too busy however have a hard time turning down business. Make sure they are not over booked so you get the attention you deserve.

Google My Business is another good online site to check out for reviews on commercial realtors in Austin, Tx. The more reviews they have the better chance you have at finding the best commercial broker to suite your needs. Again it’s important that you actually call them to find out if they are experienced in the type of commercial real estate you need and that they have the bandwidth to assist you. The last thing you want is for an experienced agent to tell you they can help you THEN pass you along to their inexperienced JR broker.

Before speaking to the agents do you homework so that when you call them you are prepared to ask a lot of good questions to determine that they have outstanding market knowledge, sold relationships with landlords, building owners, and listing agents, and that have a lot of transaction experience in the type of commercial real estate that you need help with. 


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