Austin Office Space: Co-working Office Space Can Be Less Expensive Than Working From A Coffee Shop

Austin Office Space - Coworking Office SpaceAre you a telecommuter, freelancer, web developer, or solo entrepreneur? Are you tired of working alone? Do you work in coffee shops alot? Depending on your type of business and your needs Co-working office space in Austin might be a good fit for you. According to a recent article in Gigaom, Co-working space might be less expensive than working from a coffee shop if you take into account drinks and snacks you may buy thoughout the day. The average cost for a flexible desk during regular business hours is $152 per month. The average cost for a flexible desk 24/7 is $209 per month. Permanent desks at a coworking space average $300 to $387 per month. Obviously these average prices vary from city to city and depend on the location, amenities, and level of membership.

So what Co-working options do you have in Austin?

  • Space12 – 3121 E 12th street
  • Perch Coworking – 2235 E 6th
  • Soma Vida – 1210 Rosewood Avenue
  • Conjunctured – 1309 E 7th Street
  • Brainstorm Coworking – 1000 E Cesar Chavez St
  • FG Squared – 621 E 6th Street
  • Cospace – 911 W Anderson Lane
  • Link Coworking – 2700 Anderson Lane
  • The Spark – 13200 Pond Springs Rd

If you have outgrown your home office but are not ready to lease your own Austin office space Co-working space might meet your needs until you feel the need to grow and lease your own office.

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