Austin Office Space Rentals For Startup Companies

startup office space austin texasIf your a startup company that is looking to rent office space in Austin it will be tough to find landlord’s willing to do short term leases (less than 3 years). For most startup companies signing a lease longer than 3 years does not make business sense however for some that are generating profits and have easy access to raising funds signing a lease 3-5 years long may be ok.

Short Term Office Lease Options For Startups in Austin Tx

There maybe a few landlords that will let a startup company do a short term office space lease however they are very difficult to find. In this case it would make sense to have an Austin commercial realtor help you find space. They typically know which landlords are willing to do leases less than 3 years OR they know of all the office subleases that have 3 years or less remaining on the lease term. If your a startup and not familiar with the Austin market then trying to find office space on your own (especially short term options) can be quite challenging.

Many startups that already do business in Austin, Tx or are considering relocating to Austin typically start off with renting Austin coworking space. These days Austin has many options to choose from and each coworking facility typically allows startup companies to sign month to month leases. They also have a ton of amenities and available services, and of course the ability to network is endless.

Most startups that I work with are typically on a budget which may lead us to Southeast or Northeast Austin where the lowest Austin office rental rates can be found. Again you can find startup office space in Austin on your own however it will take you a ton of time and effort. Consider getting help from a commercial real estate agent OR checkout some of the coworking facilities in Austin.

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