Austin Ranked No. 3 in Nation for Starting a Business

The month of May is small business month and there are many business owners or aspiring business owners who are doing whatever they can to raise capital and hire the best talent.  According to a recent study by San Francisco basedNerd Wallet Austin Tx is #3 city in the Nation for starting a small business.  Their study was based on a number of questions that they asked small business owners.

Austin of course received raving reviews thanks in part to is lower unemployement rate, quality of life, low living cost, and growing entrepreneur base.  Below are the questions that small business owners were asked:

  1. How easy is it to obtain funding?
  2. Is your city business friendly?  Meaning how many businesses are there per 100 people?
  3. Is your local economy growing?
  4. Is it easy to find and hire great talent?
  5. Is the cost of living high or low in your city?

You can see the full report here:  http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/finance/2013/best-cities-start-business/

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