Austin Tx One of America’s Snobbiest Cities?

I’ve seen Austin Tx on MANY “Best of” lists however, Snobby?  According to an article by Travel & Leisure Austin is ranked the 19th (out of 20) snobbiest city in the nation.  Huh?  I really think they are trying to stir the pot here 🙂

Why does Travel & Leisure consider Austin a snobby city?

  1. They referred to UT students as “tea sippers”
  2. Austin more intelligent people than most other cities
  3. And Austin has one of the most off beat vibes

From my experience and others I talk to Austin is one of the most friendly laid back cities in the U.S.  San Fran, New York City, and Boston made the top 3 list.  Houston, Tx was the 17th snobbiest.

And………….Believe it or not Dallas, TX was no where to be seen on their list.  What are your thoughts?


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