Austin Warehouse/ Industrial Space for Lease: Find Space Today

warehouse space for lease

Do you need flexibility in your office space? Do you have storage needs that a traditional office can’t meet? Are you running out of space to store your inventory?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then leasing Austin warehouse space might be the best choice for your business.

Here are FIVE reasons why warehouse space in Austin might be right for your business:

1. Flexibility

  • If your business needs fluctuate and you need more office space one month or more storage space the next, warehouse space might be just what your business needs. Make sure if you’re using your warehouse for office space needs as well that you get a warehouse with heating and cooling and this will allow the flexibility that your company needs to maximize your warehouse space. Warehouse space is also referred to as “flex space” and can be used for office, laboratory, warehouse, and some retail.

2. Lower Lease Rates

  • Many companies in Austin have reduced the amount of warehouse space that they require to run their business. This opens the door for you to receive lower lease rates and more concessions during the lease negotiation. With Dell choosing to outsource their manufacturing, there is a surplus of industrial and warehouse space in the Round Rock, TX area. If this location could work for your business this would be a great place to look for a good deal.

3. More Space

  • Find your company needing more space but can’t afford to expand in a Class A or Class B space? Choosing to office in a warehouse space will give you more space at a lower rate than your typical office building. Businesses needing more space such as creative companies can also benefit from warehouse space. Artists, graphic designers, clothing designers, computer programmers, etc. are all types of businesses that would find benefits to leasing warehouse space because of the extra room to work.

4. Designated Shipping Destination

  • If your business has a need to ship products to and from different locations, a warehouse space is the best place to store you inventory and allows for you to have a place where products can be shipped quickly.

5. Loading and Unloading Products

  • Many office building don’t have loading/unloading docks. Many warehouse spaces have loading/unloading docks that trucks can easily access making the delivery and intake of your inventory a much easier process for you.

If Austin warehouse space sounds like it is a good fit for your business, contact Austin Tenant Advisors today to get started on searching for the right location for you.

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