Where is Most of Austin’s Warehouse & Industrial Space Located?

warehouse & Industrial space in AustinI recently did a blog post for the Business Bank of Texas that shows where most of Austin’s warehouse & industrial space is located and even included a map over view.

You typically find most industrial and warehouse space in Austin located in the South, Southeast, and Northeast and North Central submarkets.  Why is this?

  • Well for one the cost of land is cheaper which means investors can build low cost tilt wall buildings and lease out space at lease rates well below traditional office space.   Check out average lease rates for industrial & warehouse space in Austin.
  • Many businesses need to be near major highways and in close proximity to their client base, airports, etc…
  • Some companies have office, warehouse and/or distribution needs which these types of spaces can only be found in the areas mentioned.

You will find a few warehouse/flex spaces in other areas of Austin however the bulk of them will be found in the areas shown on this blog photo and as listed above.

If you have any questions about industrial or warehouse space in Austin, Tx don’t hesitate to contact us!


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