Austin’s Whole Foods Market – One of Top 50 Retail Brands in the U.S.

Out of 50 of the U.S. top 50 retail brands Austin’s Whole Foods Market is #34 according to Interbrand, a company that creates and manages brand value.  Whole Foods continues to grow the number of customers who don’t mind paying the higher price for healthy food.  In fact their brand value rose 28% this past year to $1.5 B and 75% of this growth is from new customers (millenials and new boomers).   One of the key factors in their success is the fact that customers get a great retail store experience everytime!

Also, as a result of a successful in-house employee lifestyle improvement program It plans on opening an Austin health resort in the next 2-3 years in an effort to help people learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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