Back-up Your Commercial Lease Contracts

commercial spaceOur blog last week gave you tips on how to relate your company’s needs to the annual lease contract that your company pays. These tips help you avoid unnecessary expenses paid to useless office space that occupies within your office premises.

One of the foremost tips you got was keeping your office lease documents filed in an organized manner. After having my computer encounter a virus, I realized the significance of keeping backed-up soft copies of your office lease and all of your other documents in your computer.

When you need to deal with a new property owner, not having backed-up copies of your office lease documents will hinder you from effectively negotiating new terms of the lease renewal. If your office space uselessly occupies excessive large premises, you can always figure out ways with your property owner in cutting off the extra spaces that you would not need. If you do not investigate this issue, you may well be spending on unnecessary rental fees without being aware of it!

Offices employing IT staff are more prone to able to have specialized employees that conduct a study on this issue. The following are three ways that IT staff may provide back-up copies of the lease documents in the company’s computer:

1. Place a reminder to burn back-up CDs through the help of the auto back up function in your laptop.
2. Allow an external hard drive to perform a manual backup of your data.
You may likely need to pay $100 for a 500 GB hard drive.
3. Use an online backup service, particularly, Carbonite, to conduct automatic backup of your data electronically.
This costs an annual fee of unlimited storage of $54.95.

Apply one of these tips according to your customized needs. Start the New Year right by having a backup solution.

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