Back-up Your Commercial Lease Contracts

In the past we posted a blog that talked about the importance of reviewing your office space needs and commercial lease contracts YEARLY to make sure that you are not paying for space you don’t need, that you don’t have too little or too much space, know what you are being charged, and saving every dime possible in your office space lease.

One of the things we touched on briefly was making sure that you have all of your commercial lease documents organized. When organizing them, you also need to be certain that they are backed up and in a safe place.

After spending the last five days recovering my PC from a virus, it reminded of the importance of having all of your important documents backed up—this includes your lease contract.

A new landlord could possibly take over ownership of the building you are in and if you don’t have these documents, it could be difficult to negotiate a lease renewal when the time comes. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are using all the space you have. If you determine you have too much space there are ways to negotiate with the landlord and get it off your books. HOWEVER if you never take the time to review your existing space situation and don’t investigate your options you may be leaving money on the table.

For those that are lucky enough to have an in-house IT staff, they are likely on it with security and back up solutions. If you are a small business and your are the IT staff, here are three easy ways you can back up your data on your PC and make sure your lease contracts are safe.

1. Use the auto back up function on your laptop to remind you to burn back up CDs.

Cost=$FREE (other than the cost of CDs)

2. Use an external hard drive to manually back up your data.

Cost= approximately $100 for 500GB hard drive

3. Online backup service such as Carbonite that will automatically back up all of your data for you.

Cost=$54.95 per year for unlimited storage

One of these solutions should work for you and take it from me—it’s best to kick off the New Year with a back up solution!

If you need help reviewing your commercial lease contract or help renting commercial property for lease give us a call.

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