Bazaarvoice Founder Discusses Austin’s Entrepreneurial Energy

The Austin American Statesman has posted an interesting discussion on Austin’s entrepreneurial scene with Bazaarvoice’s founder, Brett Hurt. Brett Hurt recently steped down as the CEO of Bazaarvoice and joined Austin Ventures. He has spent the last five months meeting with a variety of local startups and has some interesting insight on entrepreneurship.

Among other things, Mr. Hurt says many local tech entrepreneurs lack the capital to advance from a first-stage venture into a second-stage one. Second-stage entrepreneurship requires you to raise capital, but will create larger economic ripples as opposed to first-stage ventures.

He also compares Austin’s entrepreur scene to Silicon Valley, but clearly states that Austin is a city with a unique culture, and that its tech scene is much stronger than what it was 10 years ago.

Read more about Brett Hurt’s view on entrepreurship here.

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