Benefits of Tenant Representation When Renting Commercial Real Estate

benefits of tenant representationOne of the most common questions we get is, “Why should I hire a tenant representative to lease commercial real estate?” Because we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident when renting office space, retail, or warehouse space we have compiled a list of some advantages of retaining exclusive tenant representation for your company.

Advantages of Using a Tenant Rep Broker to Rent Commercial Real Estate

  • Tenant representatives work exclusively for tenants, not for landlords or buildings
  • The most objective evaluations of buildings are obtained from tenant representatives, who have no interest in promoting one building over another
  • Tenant representatives offer state-of-the-art professional advice based on in-depth market knowledge and current experience, putting tenants on an equal basis with professional, full-time landlords
  • Client’s time is saved by not duplicating market research
  • Clients obtain objective evaluations of their alternatives, free from any personal bias
  • Costs affecting the transaction are analyzed, presented, and documented so that the final facility decisions can be approved by senior management, based on financial comparisons
  • Clients often win more concessions, minimize hidden costs, achieve greater lease flexibility, because of tenant representatives negotiating experience and familiarity with key buildings, landlords, listing agents, and market conditions
  • The groundwork for a workable future landlord-tenant relationship is established because tenant representatives act as negotiators, intermediaries, and buffers rather than as principals
  • Confidentiality is kept at all times so that your workforce is not aware of a pending relocation until the time is right to communicate
  • Tenant reps will have knowledge about and access to all available and soon to be available listings in the market via the relationships with landlord agents, paying a lot of money for the best MLS services, and because of being in the market full time.
  • Clients achieve buying leverage and buying power because of tenant representatives expertise and ability to create a competitive environment among candidate buildings
  • Landlord will be more likely to return your calls because of the tenant reps broker relationships and reputation in your metro area.
  • Tenant reps know what a good deal looks like because they do them every day. You will get the lowest lease rate and best terms possible
  • Tenant representatives can put together a professional team to carry out the move

If you are looking for a tenant representative in Austin Tx give us a call and see if we are a fit for your business.

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