Bring some of your personality to a drab workspace cubicle

Silive.com wrote an article that made sense.  We spend so much time turning our house into a home we often forget to do the same for our office cubicle or workspace.  You spend enough time at the office that you should consider decorating it in a way that gets you inspired and looking forward to come to the office.  The workpace should be a fun, cheery environment, and personal to you.  Some suggestions for making your office inspiring:

  • Go to a flea market and buy unique items such as boxes or baskets for storing things
  • Buy some good lighting such as desk lamps or other natural and cool looking lights
  • At least one living plant
  • Nice memo board
  • Color and bling according to your own personality such as sports memorabilia
  • Colorful picture frames or vintage frames
  • Purchase items with some history to them….maybe cool items you bought on a trip

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