Broadloom Carpet or Carpet Tiles: Which is Better for Your Office?

broadloom carpet or tilesWhen doing an office space build out you typically have to get new flooring. Your choices are endless from polished concrete, tiles, laminate, hardwood, carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, etc. You also have many different colors and patterns to look at.

Of all the options carpet will typically be the most common choice that tenants pick and you will have to choose between carpet tiles or broadloom carpet. What is the different between those and which one is better?

Carpet tiles

  • Also called carpet squares or modular carpet
  • Come in pres-sized squares (typically 2 ft x 2 ft tiles)
  • They sit directly on floor substrate
  • If stained it’s easy to replace one tile
  • You typically want to order more than you need so you have some attic stock
  • Is the most popular among tenants especially those leasing creative office space
  • Easier to install
  • Less overall waste
  • Easier to maintain
  • Will be more expensive than broadloom

Broadloom Carpet

  • Also known as Roll carpet
  • Comes in 12 foot wide rolls
  • Less expensive than carpet tiles
  • Have to rip up whole room if stain and need to replace
  • Installation involves rolling onto carpet pad that sits on floor substrate and cutting to size
  • More waste is created during installation due to the necessity of cutting large pieces
  • Difficult to repair

Overall you really need to choose a flooring material that best matches your company culture and design needs. And make sure that you stick within your budget. You can’t go wrong with broadloom carpet or carpet tiles however in the long run carpet tiles maybe your best option as they are easy to install, clean, and replace if needed.

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