Can Cityfeet Help me Find Austin Office & Commercial Real Estate?

Cityfeet.com is another online search tool that lists Austin office space and commercial real estate properties for rent or sale.  They do a great job at search engine optimization, which you can see when you do searches for keywords like office space in Austin or Austin commercial real estate, etc.

  • Unlike Loopnet they do require that you fill out a form before they let you see any properties
  • Their data isn’t very accurate, however most online tools are NEVER 100% accurate.
  • Their search tool is not a user friendly as Loopnets…meaning business owners and companies will have a little bit harder time searching for space.

At the end of the day online search tools can be a good place to start gathering info however since the data is never accurate you might consider working with a commercial broker who can save you a lot of time and money.


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