Capital Factory Brings Austin Tech Startups and Talent Together

Capital Factory offers flexible office space and staffing for tech startups in the Austin area. Their system allows companies to only pay for the space and personnel they use. On top of that, their meet ups bring in more than a thousand engineers and designers every single month.

How Capital Factory Works

Capital FactoryEverything is handled on a month to month basis. There are several kinds of membership. Work membership includes a private desk with a locking cabinet or locker and 24/7 access to the common areas – including snacks and drinks in the cafeteria. It also includes 10 hours of conference room time and exclusive happy hours. A cowork membership, for those who work from home and only need an office part of the time, offers 15 half days per month of time with a community desk and access to the cafeteria and some common areas. All memberships provide an address to receive postal mail – handy for those who work from home and would rather not have clients sending mail to their house. The common areas include treadmill desks and shared phone booths. There’s even a secret conference room hidden behind a bookshelf.

Capital Factory Hosts Tech Startup Events and Classes

Capital Factory is not just about office space. They also offer classes, and are currently in the process of building a dedicated classroom. They do not do online classes, but only face to face in dedicated space, although classes may also be streamed. Their event space sits 150 comfortably for meet ups, or 100 class room style. They host events for all kinds of tech professionals including programmers and designers. These events are designed to bring startups and talent together. The entire point of Capital Factory is to help startups not just survive but thrive and grow. With that in mind, Capital Factory has also hired some of the most successful entrepreneurs and active angel investors in the Austin region. These individuals act as mentors for new startups – for ten weeks they will give advice and help a startup contact potential customers, employees, and investors. In return, they receive common stock and often continue to give help long after the ten weeks is over. This is an atypical accelerator system, not designed to help raise funds and decide what to do, but more to discover customers and markets. Some startups may even get seed funding, but only once they have a plan and know what to do with it. Companies that sign up for the accelerator program also get server hosting, legal services, and all kinds of other perks.

Capital Factory has one purpose – helping startups become mature companies.

As you add headcount at some point you may need to graduate to renting your own office in Austin. If you need any help with your search just give us a call.

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