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commercial lease commencement date

What is the Commercial Lease Commencement Date?

The lease commencement date in a commercial lease typically refers to the start date of the lease term. It’s worth noting that the lease commencement date is not always the date the Tenant begins paying rent as rent abatement or early occupancy may have been negotiated. Commercial lease commencement dates will be written differently in…Read More→

difference between usf and rsf commercial lease

Difference Between USF and RSF Calculations in Commercial Leases

When evaluating commercial lease options whether you are renting office space, warehouse space, or retail space, it’s very important to understand the difference between usable square feet (USF) and rentable square fee (RSF) when calculating your monthly and yearly rent.  This is often misunderstood by tenants as many landlords use different names for this such…Read More→

Top 11 Considerations When Leasing Medical Office Space

Top 11 Considerations When Leasing Medical Office Space

Health care practices have a variety of requirements when leasing medical office space. Whether the office space will provide clinical, diagnostic, laboratory, or other services, healthcare providers’ needs differ drastically from the needs of ordinary office tenants. Though finding an appropriate medical office space can be challenging, qualified medical office real-estate brokers can streamline the…Read More→

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