Cheap Office Space Austin Texas

Every business wants cheap office space in Austin, Texas, however in this office market “cheap” is going to be hard to come by unless you are looking in the South, Southeast, and Northeast submarkets. Lease rates in those areas typically range from $15 to $19 sf.

Most other office buildings in Austin will be quoting over $21 sf. You may also be able to snag one of the last remaining below market rate office subleases or find a company on craiglist who is offering to lease a couple of their offices for a discounted priced, however if your in the market to rent space on your own be prepared to spend more than you expect. Office lease rates in Austin are at an all time high and occupancy rates are upwards of 85%.

Again, if you are on a budget your best bet for the least expensive office space is going to be in South, Southeast, or Northeast Austin.

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