Checklist of Things to Consider When Touring Office Space

office space tour checklistWhen you are touring office spaces that you are considering leasing there are important questions and/or facts that you need to know however in the heat of the moment you forget to ask the landlord.  Below is a list of questions and information that you need to know to help you compare and analyze each property.

Office Lease Rate and Other Expenses

  • What is the asking rental rate?
  • Is the rental rate quoted as a yearly or monthly rate?
  • Who is responsible for electric and janitorial?
  • Are there any other charges such as taxes, insurance, maintenance (aka NNN)?
  • Based on the asking rental rate what will my TOTAL monthly rent be (including all other expenses)?
  • What are ALL of the expenses that tenants are responsible for?

Office Space & Building Details

  • Class of office building (A, B, or C)
  • How many square feet (sf) is the building?
  • How many square feet (sf) is the office space?
  • What is the total usable vs rental sf for the office building and the actual space?
  • Can the space be leased as is or will it need to me modified (e.g. build wall, knock down wall, etc..)?
  • How long has the office space been vacant?
  • Where in the building is the space located?
  • How is the view from the space?
  • Is there room for expansion?
  • Is there a property manager onsite?  If so what is there reputation?
  • Is there handicap access to the building and space?
  • How old is the HVAC unit?
  • Is the landlord offering a tenant improvement allowance?  If so how much?
  • Does the landlord have a security system or service for the building?
  • How does the landlord handle a tenant’s after hours HVAC needs and how much does it cost?
  • What types of tenants are currently in the building?
  • Are there any amenities (free or not)  in the building such as fitness center, showers, conference room, deli, etc…?
  • Is the office building for sale?
  • What are the building hours of operation?  When do the front doors lock down?
  • How do the tenants access the building after hours?

Office Building Amenities

  • Is there a security desk?
  • Conference room
  • Business services such as print, copy, fax, secretarial services
  • Deli
  • Video conference room
  • Daycare
  • Common area break room
  • Fitness Center
  • Wireless internet service

Office Building Location

  • Is it near a neighborhood?
  • How close is it to a buss route or other public transportation?
  • Are there any restaurants or other food and retail outlets within walking distance or close by?
  • How far is the building from the airport?
  • Are there any other amenities nearby?
  • What is the crime rate in the area?

Parking for Employees and Guests

  • What is the parking ratio for the office building
  • Is there secure parking?
  • Is there a parking fee?  If so what is the cost?
  • Is there public parking or other free parking nearby?
  • Is covered parking available?



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