Class A Office Space – What Does it Mean?

class a office building downtown austin txBuilding classifications are biased opinions however there are guidelines you can use to determine whether an office building is class A office space, B, or C. As a general rule you can typically spot the class A office buildings in your area as they are going to be the NICEST & newest buildings. For a more thorough explanation of office buildings that are classified as class A see below.

What is Class A Office Space?

  • Are typically well located and found in the most sought after locations
  • Are the newest and highest quality buildings in a particular market
  • The best looking buildings & infrastructure
  • State of the art technology & security
  • The latest in elevator & HVAC systems
  • Have great access to and from the building
  • Have onsite and covered garage parking
  • Typically have a concierge
  • Rental rates always above average for the area. For example in Austin class A office rental rates average $40 to $55 depending on whether you are in the suburbs or downtown Austin.
  • May have amenities such as a fitness center, deli or cafe, building conference room

If you are looking to lease class A Austin office space feel free to contact us. We can help you find the best office space for rent in Austin and negotiate the best deal possible.

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