Commercial Lease Negotiators Help Tenants Get Better Deals

commercial lease negotiatorIf you are leasing commercial space and have never negotiated a lease or have not done so in 3-5 years you would be doing yourself a favor to get help. Landlords are paying commissions regardless if you have help or not so you might as well engage a commercial lease negotiator to ensure you get the lowest lease rate and best terms possible. 

A commercial lease negotiator will review your lease and negotiate on your behalf against the landlord the the business and economic terms of the contract. They are typically commercial real estate agents, not attorneys so they can’t provide legal advice or services, however they will collaborate with your attorney to ensure your current and future business needs are protected as it pertains to the lease.

They will support you throughout the entire lease negotiation process; from drafting & submitting request for proposals (RFP) or letters of intent (LOI) all the way through negotiating the basic deal terms and conditions to the final executed commercial lease contract.

They educate you so that you understand the business and economic terms of the lease and how that affects your company now and in the future.

They also ensure that there is a common understanding between the tenant and landlord.

Whether you are leasing office space, warehouse space, medical office space, or retail space professional commercial lease negotiators will have you covered.

Types of Commercial Lease Negotiation 

  • Drafting request for proposals (RFP’s) 
  • Drafting letters of intent (LOI’s)
  • Lease agreements
  • Lease assignments and subleases
  • Lease amendments
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease terminations

If you are looking for a commercial lease negotiator in Austin Tx Austin Tenant Advisors has been around for over 14 years and has negotiated 100’s of commercial leases.

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