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commercial space for lease austin txAre you searching for commercial space in Austin Tx? If so let us help you. Just call (512) 861-0525 or email us and we can get started right away.

We specialize in helping buyers and tenants search, select, and negotiate commercial spaces in Austin, Tx. Because our fee is paid for by landlords and building owners our services are free to you, however our fiduciary duty is to represent your best interests. Unlike other commercial real estate agents we have no conflict of interest since we do not represent landlords or owners. We only represent your best interests and are able to provide unbiased opinions on every commercial property and give you insider information that they are not allowed to since they represent the owners.

How to Find Commercial Space For Lease in Austin, Texas

There are millions of square feet of commercial properties in and around Austin, Tx. You could spend a lot of time searching on your own or let us help. We will save you a ton of time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and negotiate the best deal possible.

  1. Simply give us a call at (512) 861-0525 or fill out our contact form on the website.
  2. After learning about your ideal location, size, budget, and timing we will will identify all the properties that meet your business needs and email you a report complete with a map over view, photos, and pricing.
  3. We will schedule tours with the best properties and walk them with you giving you our unbiased opinions.
  4. An apples and apples analysis of each property will be done to determine which ones are the best overall deal.
  5. We then will draft and submit proposals on the best options.
  6. And finally we will help you negotiate the best price and recommend vendors to help prepare the space for occupancy.

Types of Austin Tx Commercial Space For Rent

Whether you need to lease office, retail, or other commercial real estate space in Austin Tx we got you covered. Below are a few nuances about each type.

Commercial Office Space Rentals in Austin Tx

These can be class A office buildings in downtown Austin, old houses zoned commercial, medical office space, retail and warehouse spaces used for office space. Not all of these will work for your business. It depends on a number of factors such as your type of business, ideal location, and parking needs, etc. If your looking for value office space then consider one of the many class B & C office buildings located in Central, Northeast, and Southeast Austin.

Austin TX Commercial Industrial Spaces

Warehouse & Distribution Space

If you need to store equipment and materials or plan on receiving and shipping a lot of products then warehouse and distribution space is your best bet. Also if your shipments come and go via 18 wheeler you need to ensure the parking area is big enough for them to get in and out of or that there is a truck court. You also need to determine if you need a grade level or dock high loading area. Spaces will range from 5,000 sf to hundreds of thousands of square feet. Depending on the location rental rates will typically range from $0.25 to $1.00 sf. You could also potentially have a small amount of office space built out and the buildings may have rail car access.

Flex Space

Need both office space and warehouse space? Then flexible rental space is your best bet. You typically find these in small industrial or campus like business parks with landscaping, shared architectural design, and a lot of surface parking. These are also referred to as value office space. The flexible nature of these buildings allows one user to have 100% office space while another user could have 20% office and 80% warehouse. You may also find users using flex spaces for research & development (R&D), light manufacturing, showroom retail, or small distribution uses. Rental rates will be a little bit more than warehouse and industrial space however will range from $8 to $15 sf depending on your location and use.

Manufacturing Space (Light & Heavy Industrial)

These typically house special equipment used to make materials and/or goods. 3 phase electric power, heavy ductwork, exhaust systems, floor drains, pressurized water / air lines, ventilation, cranes, buss ducts, and storage tanks are often used in these buildings. Some locations are ideal for heavy manufacturing while others are more suited for light manufacturing.

Cold Storage / Refrigeration Spaces

These are specialized industrial properties that are built out to have large capacity cold storage areas and freezers. Companies that distribute food products typically build out and occupy these Industrial spaces.

Data Hosting / Telecom Centers

These are typically located close to major communication trunk and fiber lines. Users of this kind of space need a lot of power and access to fiber and redundant power supplies. These are used to power up servers and telecom switch equipment. The equipment is very heavy so you typically find reinforced slabs. You also will see back up generators and special supplemental HVAC equipment. These are also sometimes referred to as switching centers, cyber centers, telecom centers, or web hosting facilities.

Showroom Space

In some buildings users may sell furniture or other types of products and need a retail showroom. This allows them to have onsite storage, an area display products, and a loading dock area for distributing products.

Commercial Retail Space in Austin

Retail space in Austin Tx can range from freestanding buildings, strip centers, neighborhood & community shopping centers, and open & closed shopping malls (aka regional centers). In some cases you will find retail space in semi industrial areas. You are probably familiar with more traditional retail space however other uses may include medical, showroom, or retail warehousing.

Need Help Searching For Commercial Space in Austin Tx?

Give us a call (512) 861-0525 or fill out our website form and we will get started right away! If you are looking for Austin commercial real estate fill out this form and let us know your ideal building size and property type.

Whether you need Austin office space for rent, retail space, warehouse space, or any other type of Austin Tx commercial real estate we got you covered.

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