What is Your Company’s Office Space Policy?

When planning an office move it’s important for companies to have some sort of office space policy in place.  Too often company leaders lease more space than they need OR they don’t have a policy in place that determines what positions will get a private office vs cubicle, etc.  Without a policy in place you end up with employees who really don’t need a private office thus causing the company to spend more than it should on office rent.

Having a private office can sometimes send a message to other employees that you are more important than they are.  Having a private office should not be about who is higher on the totem pole or more important.  It should be about job function and the need for privacy.

If your starting a new company or considering relocating an existing one think about implementing some sort of office space policy first.  That way you can set company expectations and avoid leasing more space than you need.



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