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Congress Ave Commercial Office Space Austin TxAre you searching for commercial office space on Congress Avenue in Austin Tx for lease, rent, or sale? If so let us help you. Just call us or email us and we can get started right away.

We specialize in helping buyers and tenants search, select, and negotiate office properties in Austin, Tx. Because our fee is paid for by landlords and building owners our services are free to you, however our fiduciary duty is to represent your best interests. Unlike other commercial real estate agents we have no conflict of interest since we do not represent landlords or owners. We only represent your best interests and are able to provide unbiased opinions on every property and give you insider information that they are not allowed to since they represent the owners.

How to Find Commercial Office Space on Congress Avenue in Austin Texas

There are over 18 Austin office buildings on Congress Ave with over 100 spaces. You could spend a lot of time searching on your own or let us help. We will save you a ton of time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and negotiate the best deal possible.

  1. Simply give us a call at (512) 861-0525 or fill out our contact form on the website.
  2. After learning about your ideal location, size, budget, and timing we will will identify all the properties that make sense for your business
  3. We will schedule tours with the best office spaces and walk them with you giving you our unbiased opinions on each one
  4. We will help you do an apples and apples analysis of each property and then draft and submit proposals on the best options.
  5. And finally we will help you negotiate the best price and recommend vendors to help prepare the space for occupancy.

Types of Commercial Office Space on Congress Ave

Whether you need to lease or purchase Office space on Austin’s Congress Avenue we got you covered. Office buildings on Congress Ave come in various sizes, prices, and building classifications. Some are old converted houses and others are modern office towers Downtown such as the Frost Bank Tower. The determination of Classes can be subjective depending on the marketplace or the landlord/broker listing a particular property, however the basic rules of thumb are as follows:

Traditional Office Buildings

These are multistory buildings/towers with many different tenants in different industries and sizes. Lobbies, bathrooms, and hallways are common to all tenants in the building. In most cases landlords take care of all the maintenance, cleaning, & repairs. The buildings are classified based on age, amenities, and quality of finishes (Class A, B, C). Class A office space is the newest, nicest, and most expensive. Class B are older than class A but well maintained and lower rates. Class C are the oldest, less maintained, and least expensive. 

Short Term Executive Office Suites

If you need temporary space or short term leases these are the way to go. Typically plug n play complete with furniture, phones, and internet service.

Old Houses Zoned for Commercial Office Use

Many old houses are zoned for commercial office use. For those that like quirky space with your own entrance and parking, and don’t mind being responsible for paying your own electric and janitorial then these might be a fit. You would also may be responsible for the maintenance, repairs, and landscaping for the property


Need Help Searching For Office space in downtown Austin on Congress Ave?

Give us a call (512) 861-0525 or fill out our website form and we will get started right away! 

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