Considerations When Renting Medical Office Space

considerations when leasing medical office spaceRenting medical office space will be one of your biggest expenses when owning your own medical practice. The location of your medical space, type of space, amount you pay in rent, etc will have a huge impact on the success of your medical practice. Therefore it’s important that you thoroughly research your options, pick the right space, and negotiate the best deal possible. Below are a few considerations when renting medical office space.

Medical Building Accessibility

Not all professional office buildings will give your patients 24 hour access or be accessible outside their normal building hours. In professional offices building hours may be 7am to 6pm Monday – Friday and 8am to 12pm on Saturday. The only way you can access the building is if you have a rfid card and your patients would have to call you to come down to let them in.

If your medical practice typically sees patients during hours outside these hours then make sure you find a building that will accommodate after hours access. Or find a space that allows you to have your own direct entrance. Most medical office buildings have building hours that accommodate most medical practices.

Biohazardous Medical Waste

Most medical practices handle biohazards so make sure the building you are considering is equipped to handle that. Most office buildings that are labeled as medical office space typically do. If you are renting a standard professional office then you will have to work out the details.

After Hours HVAC

Again most professional office buildings have standard building hours of 7am-6pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12pm on Saturday. That also means that those are the hours that the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) is included in your operating expenses. If you have any HVAC needs outside of those hours you will end up paying up to $25 per hour. 

Medical office buildings are set up to where each tenant pays their utilities on their own so they can have the HVAC on 24/7 if they like. And they avoid any hourly fees. As you evaluate office spaces make sure you know how the utilities will be handled. Is after hours HVAC included or is there an hourly fee. Are you able to separately meter the after hours HVAC?

Security For Medical Patients

You want to ensure that your staff and patients are safe. Find out what security is available in the building if any. If there is what is the process for contacting.

Medical Office Space Parking

Medical practices typically have high parking needs. You need parking for your staff and patients. Make sure the building you are going to rent from has enough parking to accommodate your needs. Find out where it is located. The more difficult it is for your patients to park the less likely they will want to come to your medical office.


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