Coworking Space in Austin Tx

coworking spaces in austin txCoworking has taking the world by storm and is quickly growing to be the preferred way to work for independents and those that work from home.  Coworking spaces in Austin, Tx are also popping up in so many places it’s hard to keep track of them all.  That is why we have a list of coworking spaces in Austin Tx right here.  Check them out!

Oh and in case your wondering what some of the benefits of coworking are here you go:

  1. You don’t feel guilty – working in a coffee shop you feel obligated to buy a cup of coffee every hour.  At a coworking space you pay up front so just plug in and go!
  2. Meet – Collaborate – Connect with others – There are all types of people that work at coworking spaces.  They are great places to meet, collaborate, and connect with potential clients or jobs.  You never know when you need a CPA, website designer, or programmer and they happen to be working in the same coworking space as you.
  3. Office Funiture – Coworking spaces typically have desks, lockers, chairs, etc that can be used while you work there.  In a lot of cases for the right level of membership you can leave your stuff overnight meaning the next morning you just come in an pick up where you left off.
  4. Networking opportunities – In coworking spaces you can’t help but network.  Your sitting in a room with dozens of people with different backgrounds and jobs.  Also at some locations organizers go out of there way to make introductions.
  5. People to talk to and eat with – Coworkers typically chit chat and go to lunch together……well consider your coworking space mates your coworkers.  Great place to meet people but also you don’t have to eat lunch alone……unless you want to 🙂  It’s also nice that you don’t have to talk to yourself all the time.
  6. Meeting space – I doubt you want to invite your clients or prospects to your apartment for a meeting.  Most coworking spaces have conference and meeting rooms available for you to have meetings with those important people in your life.


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