Creative | Modern Office Spaces For Rent in Austin Tx

creative office space for rent austin tx Over the last couple of years many tech, software, and marketing companies have preferred to rent creative, modern office spaces in Austin Tx vs the more traditional offices that you typically see lawyers and accounting firms lease. It makes sense why you would want to. The competition for great talent is at an all time high so in an effort to recruit, retain, motivate, and inspire people to want to work for your company you have to rent some cool creative digs.

If you are searching for creative modern office space for rent in Austin give us a call at 512-861-0525 and we can help make the process easier and save you time and money in the process.

Everyone wants cool creative office space however it’s not easy to find and it comes at a cost. Most new office buildings are very nice and state of the art however that doesn’t mean they are technically “creative”. Building out creative office space is very expensive which is why most companies continue to build out traditional offices with standard finishes.

It is possible to find some preexisting spaces that have already been built out as creative office space however those are few and far between. In most cases if you want to rent modern creative office space in Austin then you have to have it built out…… whether you start with an existing 2nd generation space (previously leased) or a brand new 1st generation space (shell condition and never been leased).

Also, if building out creative office space in Austin expect to come out of pocket above and beyond the tenant improvement allowance that the landlord is willing to give. Depending on the lease term, rental rate, the landlords perception of your financial strength, etc. most landlords will give a tenant improvement allowance between $5 and $20 for 2nd generation space and up to $30 to $40 for 1st generation space. If your goal is to lease creative office space then expect to come out of pocket At LEAST another $30 to $40 per rentable square foot.

Below are a few photos of creative office spaces in Austin. As you can see they have top of the line finishes.

Creative Office Space

This is what an office with a creative break room looks like

creative office break area

Creative open office area

creative open office area

Creative lounge area

creative lounge office area

Break out office area

creative breakout office area

creative open office space


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