Dell unenthusiastic about HP Way Now, encourages remote working

Dell bravely opposes HP Way Now working strategies. These two competing companies presented their different opinion on remote working.
HP Way Now revised its policies on remote working. HP deems it necessary for the employees to work at the office. The said strategy is meant to promote collaboration and prevent underutilization of work space. Dell, on the other hand, sticks to the advantages of telecommuting for efficiency and productivity. Proud to its roadmap “2020 Legacy of Good” Dell wants to ensure its corporate sustainability.
By 2020, Texas’ largest proprietor, hardware giant, Austin is looking forward to at least 50% of the 14,000 staffs to work remotely. As a matter of fact 20% of Round Rock, Texas employees are already doing least of the time. According to Trisa Thompson, Dell’s vice president of Corporate Responsibility, telecommuting saved 14 million dollars and CO2 emissions has reduced in 2012. And for the next six years operating expenses should be further reduced, and a large number of cars will be off the road preventing traffic and road congestion.

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