Dell Wants More Employees to Work Remotely

Dell plans to telecommute its employees by 2020. The plan is a way to recruit and retain its talented employees.

Collyn Ryan, a spokeswoman of Dell, said that the plan for some of its employees to telecommute is one way of improving employee’s productivity. The company is expecting to increase its remote employees from 20% to 50%. The 20% Dell employees who telecommute saved Dell a whopping $14 million last year.  Collyn Ryan also said that the approach is going to be a team leader driven effort.

Dell’s round rock base is the number three largest computer maker in the world employs 14,000 workers in Central Texas.

Yahoo Inc. made some attention when it ordered its workers who telecommute to report back to their company offices earlier this year. This was decided after Marissa Mayer, Google Inc. took Yahoo’s CEO position.

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