You Don’t Need As Much Office Space As You Think

office space needsWhen leasing office space most companies only focus on reducing their costs by negotiating the lowest rental rate as possible.  What they forget is that there are two ways to reduce their monthly rental costs

  1. Reduce the rental rate
  2. Reduce the square footage

This may seem elementary however it’s surprising how many companies lease more office space than they need.  In their quest to negotiate the lowest rental rate they forget that by simply changing the perception of how much space they need and focus more on how they could efficiently use a smaller space they could save a ton of money.

There are many things that effect the leverage you have in lease negotiations such as the size of your company, location and quality of building, market conditions, etc and these all may or may not be within your control.  How efficient you use a space is in your control.

Maximizing Office Space Efficiency

Even if you are a large company and the market is favoring tenants at some point the Landlord is limited to how favorable a deal they can offer you.  By reducing your space needs by 5 to 15% any small or large company can achieve significant savings.

Consider hiring an architect or space planner to do a test fit for you.  Every building and space is different and each one may have some limitations so by doing a test fit you will be able to uncover those space limitations NOW and not later when it’s too late.  Far too often companies lease more office space than they need and do not even use the space they have efficiently, even when trying to downsize.  

By working with a space planner you will be able to uncover hidden efficiency’s so that you can make a smaller office more productive.

Consider a Higher Quality Office Space

Another strategy to consider is moving to a higher quality building and space.  New buildings are much more efficient (both energy & ergonomically) than older ones which can save you costs in the long run.  

If you have any questions about office space efficiency feel free to contact us via our website or 512-861-0525



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