Downtown plan update to be adopted in 2014

A new and improved master plan for Austin town center’s design and development was confirmed. From 2003 there had been different ideas generated already and after 10 years, things have changed and should be reaffirmed accordingly. Winter and Company hold the master plan and is ready to present something to be envisioning by both the private and public sector.

Master Plan for the town center comprises the construction of a new library, improved streetscapes and additional residential options. Although some of the original plan in 2003 will remain like the housing options and walkability improvements.

The updates for the master plan documents started last July for the 40-50 blocks downtown area that contains various historic commercials and structures for residential. The plan is not regulatory, and it does not have any deadline as well. This allows staffs from the city to determine appropriate projects to be included.

According to Senior, urban designer of Wniter & Co., Cheney Bostic, a quite number of options in the prototype development has been suggested in the proposed plan. Last August a public meeting was also held to bring in participation for some potential opportunities’ identification for the updated plan.

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