EPMA One of the Best Companies to Work for in Texas 2014

Rising to the top, EPMA was recognized as one of Texas’ top company in 2014. Entering the two-part survey for companies across the state EPMA was listed the best place for employment in Texas among the other 100 companies.

To inspire and encourage different companies, Texas Association of Business (TAB), Texas SHRM and Best Companies group recognize and pay tribute to the finest workplace in Texas It started in 2006 with the goal to award the best-performing company that will eventually contribute in the development of economy, businesses and workforce.  To award accordingly first there would be an evaluation of the policies, philosophies, systems, practices and demographics of the workplace. The next part will be surveying the employee and measuring their experiences.

As quoted by EPMA’s President & CEO, Michael Samadi “EPMA’s corporate culture resonates in team work and opportunities to grow, and we take personal development very seriously. To grow a company, you must grow the people in it” Throughout the year EPMA attained a far-fetched success and milestone.

Rankings for Texas’ best companies to work for will be publicized at Hyatt Regency in Austin on April 1, 2014.

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