Financial & Credit Information Needed to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Financial & Credit Information Needed to Lease Commercial Real EstateWhen leasing commercial real estate (office, retail, warehouse space) landlords WILL require some sort of financials and credit information about you personally and/or your business.  Whether you are an existing business or a startup (especially when you're a startup) you will be required to show proof that you have the financial ability to pay rent.  There is no way getting around this.  If you want landlord's to take you seriously AND create negotiating leverage to ensure you get the best terms and conditions it's important that you present yourself in the best financial position as possible.

To help get you started we have created a list of Tenant credit information that landlords will require before they agree to lease you commercial real estate.  Depending on whether you are a sole proprietor or corporation they will ask for one or more of the following:

  1. Current credit report from all 3 credit reporting bureaus showing credit score on each.
  2. Current banking reference.
  3. Current Landlord reference if applicable.
  4. Current personal financial statement signed by individual.
  5. Last 2 years and YTD P&L and Balance Sheets for corporate entity signed by accountant.
  6. Last 2 years income tax returns either or both corporate entity and/or personal
  7. Current bank statements to show available cash.
  8. Business plan and budget.
  9. Anything else that will help the landlord to make an informed decision.
  10. If a corporate entity,
    Articles of Incorporation and any amendments
    Certificate of Incorporation
    Bylaws and any amendments
    Certificate of good standing from the State of Texas
    Names of all current directors
    Names and titles of all current officers.
  11. If a limited liability company,
    Articles of Organization and any amendments
    Regulations and any amendments
    Certificate of Filing with Certificate of Formation attached
    Names of all members
    Names of all managers
    Names of all officers, if any
    Good Standing Certificate.
  12. If a general or limited partnership,
    Partnership Agreement and any amendments
    Certificate of Filing with Certificate of Formation attached
    Name of general partner
    Name of all limited partners and their partnership interest percentages.
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