Finding & Leasing Good Retail Space in Austin is Tough!

If you haven’t heard good retail space in Austin is very hard to find.  And, if you find a good location it will be more expensive than what you are used.  Retail occupancy rates in the Austin metro area are over 90%.  What that means is that most of the good locations are gone.  There are new retail sites being developed or in the planning phase however there is still not enough supply to meet the demand.  And to cherry pick the new locations you typically have to plan ahead and lease the space during the preleasing phase………which is typically 12-18 months before it is delivered.

The days of being able to find and lease space 30 days after you decide to open a business are gone.  Now you have to plan way ahead, especially if you want to be in the newest and best locations.  If you need help finding retail space or have questions feel free to give us a call.  There are many questions you must ask landlords when evaluating retail space locations.  We can help you do this.!


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