The Advisory Board Company’s Experience with Finding New Office Space

Advisory Board Company Austin

Finding the right office space is one of the biggest decisions a company will make. There are multiple factors that go into the selection process including; the number of employees at the company, the size of space, type of parking needed, number of meeting spaces, number of individual offices, location to benefit both the company and the employees and of course the budget available for new space.

Many business owners find themselves quickly overwhelmed without the proper resources to help protect them from making costly mistakes.  Austin Tenant Advisors is unique in that they work to develop a relationship with their clients, get to truly know the company and their needs in order to make the best decisions for space selection.  They help business owners find space faster, negotiate the lease and ensure the right questions are asked and the answers are found in order to avoid extra expenditures.

Scott Strzinek, Senior Director of Operations, The Advisory Board Company, briefly shares his experience and what makes Austin Tenant Advisors unique.




“We had a growing satellite office that needed to move. I was totally unfamiliar with the Austin market, so I needed help. I gave Nathan my basic requirements and he narrowed the options down to about 6 properties. All fit the criteria, but he saved the best for last. He knew what I wanted but made sure that I saw all the alternatives so I would feel great about my decision. He guided me through the terms and got us an amazing deal. I thought our relationship ended at the lease signing, but Nathan insisted on working with me through the move. He found me quality movers, data cabling companies, and cleaning crews. I would have simply thrown a dart at a board (and probably missed) without Nathan’s guidance. He knew what I wanted, knew what I needed and made sure that it all got done. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to represent me.”

Scott Strzinek
Senior Director of Operations, The Advisory Board Company




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