Get Help to Find Warehouse Office Space For Rent

warehouse office space for rentDepending on your type of business sometimes you need office space and some warehouse space for storage, shipping, deliveries, manufacturing, etc. Some people refer to this as warehouse office space or flex space. Most warehouse office space for rent is found in semi industrial areas or business parks that are closer to major highways and airports which make it easier to receive and deliver shipments for or to customers.

If your business needs office warehouse space for rent and would like help with the search and negotiation of it feel free to give us a call at 512-861-0525 or fill out our form with your office warehouse space needs.

To give you an more ideas of what this type of space looks like check out the photos below. In the top right photo you can see that the front looks like a small office building found in business parks. Typically single story buildings with only windows on the front. There are typically no common areas you have to pay for and you have your own bathrooms.

This is what the inside of a flex office warehouse looks like. As you can see you can’t tell the difference between being in a traditional office or a flex office. You can build out the office space in a warehouse as nice as you want.

office portion of warehouse space

This is what you would expect a warehouse space to look. 

warehouse portion of office flex space



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